Balboa 3 kW M7 Plug N'Click heater

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Balboa 3 kW M7 Plug N'Click heater - Click to enlarge
Balboa 3 kW M7 Plug N'Click heater - Click to enlarge
Balboa 3 kW M7 Plug N'Click heater - Click to enlarge

This 3 kW M7 heater has an Incoloy element, which is perfect for most requirements.

It comes with a Plug N'Click male adapter, making it compatible with various Balboa BP control systems, including the BP600, BP6013G1, BP6013G2, BP6013G3 and BP2100. It is not suitable for the BP200 series G1 and UX.

The standard 58118 Balboa heater is identical to this one, but has no cable or plug and is designed for the Balboa GS and GL systems. It also features M7 technology, which uses two very sensitive temperature sensors inside the barrel of the heater itself to detect the rate of water flow. This makes it much more reliable, in our experience, than competitive systems that use failure-prone moving parts instead, such as pressure switches or flow switches. M7 heaters require a minimum water flow rate of 75 litres/minute (4.5 m³/hour).

If necessary, you can adapt this heater to a Balboa GS or GL system by adding a Plug N'Click female adapter to the male adapter already in place.

Length (without connectors and gaskets): 381 mm (15")
Usually connected to 2-inch pipes

The heater is supplied with its two 2" connections and gaskets. If you are replacing your heater, be sure if needed to add the union sockets for 2" pipes. Union sockets for 1.5" pipes are also available.

2-year Tubs Parts warranty

Part numbers
Balboa : 58279