Tubs Parts will recycle your old heater

Give your hot tub heater a second life! With our 1-for-1 exchange program, we will take back and recycle your old Balboa heater when you purchase a new or reconditioned one to be delivered in mainland France and Belgium.

How does it work ?

When you order a new heater, just click the the box to return your old on to us. We will send you a return label that you can use to send us your old heater. You can use the box from your new heater once you receive it, or any solid box of your choice.

Terms of trade-in

Are included in the Tubs Parts 1-for-1 program the Balboa 2 kW, 3 kW and 3 kW for GL8000 M7 heaters that will be purchased and delivered to Metropolitan France and Belgium.

The trade-in heater must have the same reference as the one delivered (check on the product page of the new heater ordered, or contact us). It must be removed from the control box and not dangerous to handle.

What happens to your old heater

If possible, our team will clean, descale and recondition the heater, and replace defective components, then test the unit to be sure it is working properly for resale at a reduced price. We guarantee all our reconditioned parts for 6 months.

At Tubs Parts, we strongly believe that the circular economy is a solution for the future, for you, for us and for the planet.