Balboa 3 kW heater element

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Balboa 3 kW heater element - Click to enlarge
Balboa 3 kW heater element - Click to enlarge

This is a genuine Balboa heater element, as used in most Balboa 3 kW heaters. This kit includes the element, and the necessary hardware to replace your existing element.

The standard heater element also fits Balboa heaters perfectly, but — unlike this one — it is not an official Balboa replacement part.

Spare parts
This element is delivered complete with all the parts you will need. However, we do offer the gaskets which provide a seal between the heater and the heater tube, as well as the nut which secures the heater in place and self-locking nut for the electrical contact as spare parts.

Between the heater terminals from center point: 32 mm
Total length: 245 mm
Maximum width: 38 mm
Depth, excluding the terminals: 38 mm
Between the right-hand terminal and the right end: 180 mm
Between the left-hand terminal and the left end: 40 mm

Part numbers
Balboa: 58267 or 58266

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