Everything you need to know about our warranties

Any new item purchased from Tubs Parts is covered by our one-year commercial warranty. If your delivery address is in mainland France, you are also protected by a two-year limited warranty, with conditions that are defined by French law.

If a problem crops up during the first year after your purchase, then it will be covered by the commercial warranty. During the second year, the commercial warranty will not apply but you may still be protected by the legal warranties.

Commercial warranty

First of all, if an item is not suitable, or you do not like it, for whatever reason, please send it back to us in good condition during the first six months after purchase, and we will refund you. Then, if you notice a failure or problem, even a minor one, during the first year, please contact us. Depending on the circumstances, we may ask you to return the item at our expense to be repaired, or replace it, or refund your purchase. Please contact us before returning the item, as this allows us to cover the return shipping costs. In the case of fragile objects, such as pumps, we must also ensure that you have suitable packaging for the return.

There are some important conditions. The commercial warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • Electronic equipment that has damaged due to problems with the electrical supply, or the cabling. This applies to equipment damaged by electrical surcharges, electrical arcs, or incorrect voltage.
  • Electronic equipment that has been flooded, regardless of the origin of the water.
  • Parts that are incomplete or heavily modified. You must return the entire item that you purchased. If the impeller on your new pump breaks, for example, you must return the entire pump, not just the broken impeller. We can occasionally make exceptions to this rule, but only if we agree on them before you return the part. Please contact us if necessary.
  • Usage that is beyond the design capabilities of the part. This is particularly important for products that incorporate parts with a limited lifespan, such as carbon brushes on some motors, or the ozone-generating chamber on ozonators. As an example, the blowers sold on Tubs are designed for normal domestic use, not heavy-duty or commercial use.

Reconditioned parts have a commercial warranty of six months.

Legal warranties in France

For a complete description of the legal warranties, please see the PDF at the bottom of this page (in French), provided by the French consumer protection authorities. We are not lawyers, but here is what we understand:

1. Guarantee of conformity
We must provide you with a product that is "fit for the usual use expected of a similar product", and that is consistent with the description on the website. This warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, and only applies if you are buying the product for your own private use.

2, Guarantee against hidden defects
The items we provide to you must not have any defects at the time of sale, that make the item "unfit for its intended use". This warranty is valid for two years from the discovery of the defect, but it must be shown that the defect was present at the time of sale (although it may not have been visible at that time).

Even if you think the warranty will not apply, please contact us if you have any problems with an item that you purchased from us.

- Simon