Shipping and Returns


We ship your order as quickly as possible once we receive confirmation of your payment. If you place your order before 1 pm and we have got what you need in stock, we ship it same day. Orders from stock placed after 1 pm ship the following day. Orders after 1 pm on Friday are sent on Monday.

Please also note that we have anticipated our supplies as much as possible, but a few products are out of stock as the entire supply chain of our partners and suppliers has been turned upside down. We cannot predict the exact arrival time of some of these deliveries, but we are working to ensure that products will reach you as soon as possible.

France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
Standard shipping is free for orders over 50 Euros. For orders of less than 50 Euros, the shipping cost is 4.95 Euros. The normal delivery time is 2 working days in France, and 3 working days in other countries.

Express shipping normally costs 11.95 Euros, but we will deliver to a local parcel collection point at no charge if your order is over 50 Euros. Express delivery is overnight in France, and takes 2 working days in other countries. Saturday deliveries may be possible, depending on your location.

Other countries

Delivery cost Typical delivery time
Austria 14.95€ 3 days
The Azores 44.95€ 2 weeks
Balearic Islands 44.95€ 2 weeks
Bulgaria 19.95€ 4 days
Canary Islands 44.95€ 2 weeks
Ceuta 44.95€ 2 weeks
Cyprus 19.95€ 1 week
Croatia 19.95€ 4 days
Czech Republic 19.95€ 3 days
Denmark 14.95€ 3 days
Estonia 19.95€ 4 days
Faroe Islands 44.95€ 3 days
Finland 14.95€ 4 days
French Guiana 64.95€ 2 weeks
Greece 14.95€ 1 week
Guadeloupe 64.95€ 2 weeks
Hungary 19.95€ 3 days
Iceland 44.95€ 4 days
Ireland 14.95€ 3 days
Italy 14.95€ 2 days
Latvia 19.95€ 4 days
Lithuania 19.95€ 4 days
Madeira 44.95€ 2 weeks
Malta 44.95€ 1 week
Martinique 64.95€ 2 weeks
Melilla 44.95€ 2 weeks
Norway 44.95€ 2 weeks
Poland 19.95€ 3 days
Portugal 14.95€ 2 days
Reunion Island 64.95€ 2 weeks
Romania 19.95€ 4 days
Slovakia 19.95€ 3 days
Slovenia 19.95€ 3 days
Spain 14.95€ 2 days
Sweden 14.95€ 3 days
Switzerland 14.95€ 1 week
United Kingdom 19.95€ 1 week

We can’t ship everywhere
We do not ship worldwide, and if your location does not appear on this list, then we are not able to ship to you. We no longer ship to French Polynesia or New Caledonia, in particular.

If you are in an area that we cannot supply, you are still welcome to contact us. We may be able to find an alternative supplier for you, either in Europe or North America.

We are not able to send chemicals outside the European Union, and we can only send heavy and/or fragile products (including pumps, for example) to the EU (excluding Dom-Tom), Switzerland, Norway and the UK.

We cannot ship orders under 175 Euros to the UK
New post-Brexit regulations require that we charge UK VAT on orders for goods costing less than 135 GBP, which is approximately € 160. When you add in transport costs, this means that we cannot ship orders costing less than 174.95 Euros overall. We have applied for a UK VAT registration number but our application has not been approved. We are doing our best to fix this problem as soon as possible.


We hope that you will always be happy with your purchases from Tubs Parts, but things do go wrong occasionally. If you're unhappy with an item for any reason at all, please send it straight back to us, in good condition and in its original packaging and we'll refund your money. The time limit for refunds is six months (but please don't wait until the last minute!).

If we have sent you an item that is defective, or that you didn't order, then we will also refund all the postage costs (in both directions). If the item is too big to send by post then please email us and we'll arrange for a courier to pick it up.

The address for returned goods is:
Tubs Parts
77 rue Ars่ne Poncet
74190 Passy

Delivery problems?

The vast majority of our parcels are delivered exactly as planned, or even a little in advance. Unfortunately, delivery problems can sometimes occur, particularly during the Covid-19 epidemic, and we understand how inconvenient this can be.

The delivery services we use are very reliable most of the time, but the standard delivery service can sometimes shut down on busy travel days, such as Fridays in February and August, when heavy goods vehicles are banned on some routes. When this happens, standard deliveries may be delayed by one business day - so orders placed on Thursday afternoon may not leave until Monday in the worst case.

Some parcel deliveries require a signature, so the shipper may leave a note in your letterbox if you're not at home. If this happens to you, please go and pick up the parcel promptly, or they might return it to us. Please let us know if you don't receive your purchases within a week of us sending it, whatever the reason. If we don't hear from you, we'll assume that it has arrived safely.

If your shipment is 1 or 2 days late compared to the delivery time indicated, we advise you first to consult the online tracking provided by the transporter. We sent you this information by email when we shipped your order. Most often, you will find that the parcel is on its way and will soon be delivered. Also check the delivery address you have chosen. Waiting for your parcel at home when the delivery address is a pickup point or vice versa is not uncommon!

Beyond 2 days late, several explanations are possible (sorting error, parcel given to the wrong person, etc.) If the transporter cannot deliver your parcel directly to your home, they may sometimes leave it with a concierge or a neighbour.

If your order is actually indicated as delivered but you have not received it, please contact us as soon as possible. Our team will take care of the problem and will propose - after an investigation with the transporter - either a reshipment or a refund of the undelivered order.

In order to carry out this procedure, if the delivery company insists that they have delivered your order, we will need the following documents:

  • a photo or a scan of your identity document
  • a sworn statement of non-receipt of the package (see document below)
  • a written commitment to refuse the package, in case the carrier finally delivers it to you

These documents should be sent to us as soon as possible so that we can take care of them quickly.