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Plumbing parts

Tubs Parts supplies pipes and pipe fittings in inches, because this is the standard used by most of the spa manufacturers. You cannot, however, just measure your pipe in inches to know the right size. That would be too easy. The standards were originally based on the internal diameter of the pipe, but they have evolved over time as new materials allowed for thinner pipe walls, and now they're just... well, standards.

Here are the outside diameters of each pipe size, in millimeters:

  • 3/8": 17 mm
  • 1/2": 21 mm
  • 3/4": 27 mm (we stock adapters to 25 mm)
  • 1": 33 mm (we stock adapters to 32 mm)
  • 1.5": 48 mm (we stock adapters to 50 mm)
  • 2": 60 mm (we stock adapters to 63 mm)