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Massage jets

Do you want to change the effect of your jet, its look or simply find the same model? We have air jets, water jets, jets for concrete and wooden hot tubs. Here you can find jets that fit all types of spas, as well as all the parts that you will need for their installation.

When looking for a replacement jet, you should first check the size and shape of the rear element of the jet, which are the same for all jets in a given series. The diameter of the face is much less important, as the dimensions may vary without affecting the compatibility of the jet with the socket on your spa.


Tubs Parts gives you the dimensions and a profile view of the rear element for each jet. If your old jet does not match the same shape and size as the one found on our site, the latter will not fit into the socket installed on your spa shell.

If you are not sure, look at the part numbers written on your old jet (if you can), or contact us !

Finally, if you only have an opening in the shell of your hot tub, you will need to replace the complete socket and jet assembly. We have listed the drilling diameters of each range of jets, to help you find something that is compatible with your hot tub shell.