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Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump

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Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump - Click to enlarge
Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump - Click to enlarge
Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump - Click to enlarge
Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump - Click to enlarge
Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump - Click to enlarge
Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump - Click to enlarge
Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump - Click to enlarge
Balboa Clim8zone reversible heat pump - Click to enlarge

Balboa's Clim8zone heat pump combines an efficient and energy-saving heating solution for your spa. It ranks among the most easy-to-use, powerful and compact reversible heat pumps on the market.

This quiet heat pump uses variable-speed motors for both the compressor and the fan (a combination that is often referred to as "full inverter"), which allows it to be both very efficient and also practically indaudible (< 40 dB at 1 metre) when running at low speed.

The Clim8zone is compatible with the new generation of Balboa BP series control systems, including the BP2100 G1, P/N 56390-05 (see the complete list of compatible systems at the bottom of this page).

You can manage the Clim8zone directly from a compatible Balboa spa keypad, to select heating, cooling and automatic modes for any season, from -20°C to 43°C, on spas of all sizes, up to swim spas.

The heat pump is directly connected to the control system with a data cable, where it will be automatically detected. You will then be able to control all temperature parameters and mode settings through the dedicated interface on the keypad. No additional electrical circuitry is required, as the Clim8zone operates directly from the spa control system.

Balboa claims that the heating mode saves up to 75% of the energy consumption compared to a conventional heater, so you can use your spa at the same cost. The heat pump can also work simultaneously with your spa's standard electric heater to increase heating power and significantly reduce heating times.

Depending on your climate and preferences, four temperature modes (heat, cool, heat and cool, off) and three speed modes (Auto Smart, manual high and manual low) are available. The default Auto Smart mode allows you to take full advantage of the Clim8zone to optimize its performance and your savings.

The heat pump is supplied with an accessory kit including a power cable to be connected to the control system, a data cable, a condensation pipe and its clamp, two union fittings and their gaskets for 1.5-inch pipes, and a wrench.

The Clim8zone also comes with a small keypad directly mounted on the outside of the box, which allows you to control the heat pump directly, without needing the main control keypad. This means you can operate the heat pump without having to connect it to a Balboa control system, as you only need to connect the power cable to a 230V output.

Electrical specifications
Input Supply: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Power input (max): 1,3 kW
Rated Current: 4,4 A
Max Current : 5,7 A

Mechanical specifications
Operating temperature: de -20 °C à 43 °C
Water resistance: IPX4
Compressor: Rotary (GMCC)
Refrigerant: R32
Weight: 54 kg
Optimal flow rate: 2,7 m³/h (11,9 GPM)
Minimum flow rate: 0,8 m³/h (3,6 GPM)
Noise level at 1 m: 40-52 dB(A), variable in automatic speed mode

Length : 794 mm
Height : 555 mm
Depth: 474 mm


Ambient temperatures Operating speed Heating capacity Power consumption Coefficient of performance (COP)
27°C Minimum 1,9 kW 0,13 kW 14,8
Maximum 7,5 kW 1,15 kW 6,5
15°C Minimum 1,4 kW 0,20 kW 7,1
Maximum 5,8 kW 1,15 kW 5,0

The cooling capacity of the Clim8zone when operating in cooling mode is 4.0 kW at an ambient temperature of 35°C.

Connections and installation
The Clim8zone is supplied with a set of two 1.5-inch threaded 3-part unions, to be screwed onto the heat pump, and two adapters to be glued on for 2" pipes. Glue is not included.

It can be used with a circulation pump or a two-speed pump. With this configuration, a high flow or low flow control valve has to be installed to adjust the water flow rate through the Clim8zone.

Connecting the power cable
The Clim8zone heat pump is delivered pre-wired with a 4-metre cable, equipped with 4-pin AMP plug, to be connected directly to an output located on the BP control system.

Connecting the data cable
The Clim8zone is delivered pre-wired with a data cable called "data bus" (length 4 meters), which transmits data between the heat pump and the control system, to be connected directly to the dedicated output located on the BP control system.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information concerning the installation of the heat pump.

Compatible control systems
Clim8zone works with the latest generation (software revision version 65) of Balboa BP-series control systems:
BP2100 G1 part numbers 56390-05
BP2100 G0 part numbers 56663-04
BP21P4 BC part numbers 56626-03
BP601 3G3 part numbers 59259-01 and 59259-02
BP601 3G2 part numbers 59126-01 and 59126-02

If you are unsure, check the "-C8Z" in the control system product code, or contact us.

Compatible keyboards
The Clim8zone is supported by the spaTouch2 (ending with -02), spaTouch3 (ending with -07), spaTouch3+, Mini spaTouch and TP700 keyboards. If you are unsure, check the "-C8Z" in the keypad product code.

2-year Tubs Parts warranty

Part numbers
Balboa: 73001 or BWGHP-010