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1.5-inch threaded 3-part union

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1.5-inch threaded 3-part union - Click to enlarge

This 3-part union has a 1.5-inch MPT thread at one end, and a 1.5-inch female output (inside diameter: 48 mm) at the other.

This item is used as a union for sand and diatomaceous earth filters, as well as for some heaters and pumps.

To prevent any risk of leakage, the pipes on either side of the union must also be clipped to a support (wall or floor) in order to keep them well aligned despite the weight of the pipes and water, and vibrations.

Length : 114 mm
Ouside diameter threaded part : 48 mm or 1.5-inch MPT
Inside diameter smooth part : 48 mm, for 1.5-inch rigid or flexible pipe

Part numbers
Certikin: CP15TU