Balboa GS510DZ control system

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Balboa GS510DZ control system - Click to enlarge
Balboa GS510DZ control system - Click to enlarge
Balboa GS510DZ control system - Click to enlarge

The Balboa GS510DZ spa control system is a great option for retro-fitting older hot tubs if the original equipment has died. It uses Balboa's patented M7 technology which eliminates pressure switches or flow switches and uses M7 temperature sensors. The equipment connects to the control system using AMP plugs. It has a built-in 3 kW heater.

It manages the following equipment:

  • Pump 1 single or two-speed
  • Pump 2 single-speed
  • Circulation pump
  • 1 blower
  • 1 ozonator
  • 1 underwater lighting

Height: 268 mm
Width: 311 mm (box only, excluding the heater), 381 mm (heater without unions)
Depth: 112 mm
Plumbing connections to heater: 2-inch (connections and o-rings included)

Compatible with the following keypads
VL801D, VL802D

Power supply
The GS510DZ system is delivered pre-configured for a single-phase power supply. It can also be configured with a two-phase and three-phase power supply (for a distribution of the various units between the phases). If you have additional questions, please refer to the user's manual or contact us when placing your order, and we will take care of the configuration before sending the system.
You may also want to replace your cable gland if necessary!

2-year Tubs Parts warranty

Balboa part numbers
Complete GS510DZ system: 55415-01
Integrated heater only: 58118
Motherboard only: 55416-01
Expansion board only : 55025


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