Therm Products heaters

Here you will find a large choice of Therm Products heaters, used by many spa brands: Sundance Spas / Jacuzzi, Dimension One, Vita Spa, Arctic Spas, CalSpas, etc. Therm Products heaters and parts, also known by the trade names of TruHeat, Aquatemp Products, Related Metal Products (RMF), are now a division of the California-based HydroQuip brand, so it is possible that a heater is listed under two different names, but it is still the same heater! If you're in need of assistance to find the right heater or part, feel free to contact us.

If you notice a problem with your heater (isn't heating correctly, or at all), here are the different possible causes, and what you can do to fix it.
Gecko MicroSpa Pack U-Class heater
2 kW universal
In stock
Gecko 3 kW universal heater
3 kW universal
5 weeks
Gecko 4 kW universal heater
4 kW universal
In stock
Arctic Spas heater with mobile elbow
Arctic Spas curved
In stock
CalSpas heater - C2250-0011
CalSpas C2250-0011
In stock
CalSpas heater - C2250-2001
CalSpas C2250-2001
In stock
HydroQuip 1.5 kW No-Fault heater for Hot Spring
HydroQuip 1.5 kW No-Fault
In stock
Sundance / Jacuzzi heater - 6000-338
Sundance / Jacuzzi 6000-338
In stock
Vita Spa heater - C2300-0010ET
Vita Spa C2300-0010ET
In stock
Vita Spa heater - C2300-1008ET
Vita Spa C2300-1008ET
In stock
Caldera HotSpring heater - 1076701
Caldera / HotSpring 1076701
In stock
Dimension One heater - C3548-1
Dimension One C3548-1
In stock
Dimension One heater - C3550-1
Dimension One C3550-1
In stock
Dimension One heater - C3552-1
Dimension One C3552-1
In stock
Hydroquip heater
HydroQuip 26-0066
In stock
Laing Low-Flow heater
Laing Low-Flow heater
In stock
Sundance / Jacuzzi heater - 6500-062
Sundance / Jacuzzi 6500-062
In stock
Sundance / Jacuzzi heater - 6500-063
Sundance / Jacuzzi 6500-063
In stock
Heater for Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi - 6500-401
Sundance / Jacuzzi 6500-401
In stock