STARburst compact multi-colour bulb

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STARburst compact multi-colour bulb - Click to enlarge
STARburst compact multi-colour bulb - Click to enlarge
STARburst compact multi-colour bulb - Click to enlarge

The compact STARburst colour-changing lighting system allows you to add light and colour to your hot tub. At the touch of a button you can make your water dance with intense red, blue, green, white, violet and gold - or just allow the STARburst system to gradually move from one beautiful colour to another. Transform the mood as you enjoy dramatic dances of changing colours - a spectacular light show whether you're in or out of the water.

This bulb fits perfectly in the back of the Waterway 54 mm light fitting.

We also offer the STARburst LED bulb, which is brighter than the STARburst compact and offers more colours, but is less compact.


  • Retrofits any hot tub with a standard 12V light socket, EXCEPT spas equipped with a dimmer switch or dual-intensity lighting
  • Life expectancy of 100,000 hours (more than 11 years of continuous operation!)
  • Lower power consumption than standard hot tub lights
  • Installation as easy as changing a light bulb
  • No special wiring: operates from the existing on/off switch for your underwater light
  • 5 years replacement warranty

STARburst replaces the existing bulb in the socket of your underwater light. For directions on replacing the bulb, consult your hot tub owner's manual.

Diameter: 36 mm
Depth excluding the socket: 21 mm

Electrical specifications
Input voltage: 12V AC
Power: 1.2W

Compatible spa light assembly
Waterway 54 mm, 82 mm and 127 mm, Rising Dragon 127 mm, light fitting for wooden hot tubs, Aquastar 82 mm

Part numbers
Sundance Spas: 6472-684

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