Manifolds for hot tub plumbing

A manifold is a common hot tub part that is used to divide the flow from a pump across a large number of jets. We refer to manifolds according to the size of the fat pipe, which is connected to the massage pump, and the number and size of smaller pipes, which go out to the individual jets.

We offer a wide variety of sizes and configurations! If you are replacing an existing manifold, check the sizes of the pipes that it connects to. The most common configuration for water jets is a connection to a 2" or 1.5" manifold using 3/4" pipe. Air jets are usually connected to smaller manifolds, typically 1.5" or 1", using 3/8" pipe.

We use the following abbreviations to help you find the right manifold:

  • F: a female or "Socket" opening, into which you can glue either a pipe or a male fitting.
  • M: a male, or "Spigot" fitting, with the same external diameter as the corresponding pipe, which will slide inside a female fitting of the same type.
  • M+: a "Barb" fitting which is designed to slide inside a pipe. This type of fitting can be smooth or ribbed. Smooth fittings work well with pipe manufactured by Waterway, but if you are not sure which type to use then go for the ribbed fittings.

    Here are the main pipe sizes in millimetres :

  • 3/4": 27 mm
  • 1": 33 mm
  • 1.5": 48 mm
  • 2": 60 mm