Pleatco filters: we decode their part numbers

Pleatco filters: we decode their part numbers - Click to enlarge

You are used to your Pleatco filter, the brand behind most spa filters who have been making filters in the US for over 40 years. You probably know which model you need (if not, please contact us). But do you know what that combination of letters and numbers means? We will explain it to you so that you can be sure to get the right model.

Pleatco references have several components

  • They all start with a P
  • The next two letters reference the spa or equipment brand for which the filter was made
  • Numbers indicate the filtration surface
  • Other lettres indicate the attachment type at the bottom of the filter
  • Special options, like antimicrobial filters, may end the references

The most common models

Let's take for example PRB35 ou PWW50 filters. These models have the simplest references: P-RB-35 and P-WW-50

P = Pleatco
RB = Rainbow, and WW = Waterway. These are the companies that originally asked Pleatco to manufacture these filter cartridges, to add them to their filtration system. These models have been used by other brands since.
35 and 50 = 35 and 50 square feet (= 3.3 and 4.7 square metres), which is total surface area of the filtration fabric.

Other common brands with Pleatco filters include: Caldera (PCD), Wellis (PWL), Sundance (PSD). You can find a full list at the bottom of this page to find the correct filter according to your spa.

The filtration surface

The filtration surface of the Pleatco filters sold on our website ranges from 6 to 200 square feet (1 square foot ≅ 0.1 square meter). If a filter with a filtration surface of 50 square feet was originally installed on your spa, keep the same dimensions for your nex filters. The bigger your spa the more water it contains, the bigger your filter and its filtration surface will need to be, unless you want to clean your filters by hand frequently.

The screw threads

P2, P4, XP3 ? Filters don't all have the same threads, but you will find the type you need in the Pleatco part numers. Obviously, you can't change the thread, but it is occasionally possible to use an adaptor (like this 2" MPT filter mounting fitting).

Different types of screw threads

P2 SAE 1,25 inches (ě ext.: 39-40 mm)
P3 SAE 1,5 inches (ě ext.: 46-48 mm)
P4 MPT 1,5 inches (ě ext.: 47 mm)
F2S SAE 2 inches (ě ext.: 60-61 mm)
F2M MPT 2 inches (ě ext.: 58-59 mm)
F2L MPT long 2 inches (ě ext.: 58-59 mm)
XP Opening 48 mm
XP3 Opening with clips 48 mm
XP4 Opening with clips 48 mm
XF2M Opening with clips 60 mm
XF2S Opening with clips 60 mm

Antimicrobial filters and other options

M, N, SET? The references on certain filters end with a code, usually indicating the type of fabric used or if the filter is sold in bundles of two.

  • M = an antimicrobial fabric, which continually affects microbes in the spa
  • TC = top closed
  • N = new style, where the filter will be similar to the original model but will not be compatible because of some modifications (for example, the PCD50 and the PCD50N have a different bottom extremity)
  • SET = 2 filters sold together

If you have any other questions, fell free to contact us for more information.

Full list of spa manufacturers

Here you'll find all of the companies for which Pleatco had made filters (you should be able to find your spa's brand).

Pleatco Fabricant Pleatco Fabricant Pleatco Fabricant
PA Hayward PFF Freeflow PMT Martec
PAE Advantage PFG Pleatco full grid POX Onyx


American Predator PFS Pleatco full grid set PPC Sta-Rite
PAQ Aqua Spa PFV Fountain Valley PPCO Poolco
PAQV Aqua Vac PFW Fox Wallpack PPF Purex
PAS Artesian Spas PG Gerico PPG Sunrise
PAST Astral PGC Gulf Coast PPI Seven Seas
PAT Atlantic-Haugh PGF General Foam PPM Marquis
PBF Bullfrog PGS Gatsby PPR Premier
PBH Baker Hydro PH Harmsco PRB Rainbow
PBW Bestway PHC Hercules PRW Recreation Warehouse
PC Coleco PHG Pleatco half grid PS Sylvan
PCAL Cal Spas PHO Hoesch PSANT Strong
PCC Pac Fab PHP Haugh-Atlantic PSD Sundance
PCD Caldera PIC Icon PSG Saratoga
PCH Christal PIF Infinity Spas PSI Pageant Spas
PCL Columbia PIN Intex PSN Sunrise
PCM American Products PJAN Jandy PSON Sonfarrel
PCO Cooper PJ Jacuzzi PSR Sta-Rite
PCP Regency-Nemco PJB Jacuzzi Bros. PSS Soft Sider
PCS Coleman PJC Jacuzzi Cantar PST Spa-Tech
PCST Coast Spas PJW Jacuzzi Whirlpool PTL Pleatco
PD Doughboy PL Lomart PUST Us Tooling
PDC Pleatco Dual Core PLB Leisure Bay PVT Vita
PDM Dream Maker PLBS Leisure Bay PW Wet Institute
PDO Dimension One PLW Seasonmaster PWC Waterco
PDS Dakota PMA Master Spa PWK Watkins
PDS Dolphin PMAG Magnum Filters PWMC Wmc Ind
PDV Discovery Spa PMAX Maxx Spas PWW Waterway
PFAB Pac Fab PMS Muskin PXST Hayward X-Stream