Spare parts for LX Whirlpool DH1.0 pump

Here you will find spare parts for the LX Whirlpool DH1.0 pump. The numbered components in the exploded diagram correspond to the individual items below.

Pump models change over time, and the new parts will not exactly match the old ones. You can safely replace the wet end seal or an o-ring on a 15 year-old pump, but replacing the impeller, wear ring or faceplate may lead to compatibility issues if your pump is more than three years old. If you are in this situation, we advise you to spend a bit more, and replace the complete wet end. That way, you will get a complete unit with parts that are exactly made to fit each other.

LX Whirlpool GM-210 wet end seal
2a. GM-210 wet end seal
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LX Whirlpool DH1.0 pump wet end
2b. LX DH1.0 wet end
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Capacitor box BC-210 for LX Whirlpool JA50
3. LX BC-210 capacitor box
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Slinger LX Whirlpool DH1.0
5. Slinger DH1.0
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