CMP hot tub jets

A jet consists of two parts:

  • A socket, which is attached to the spa shell and connected to the water circulation system
  • The body of the jet itself, which screws into the sleeve

    CMP jets are available in several series:

    Typhoon 200 Typhoon 300 Typhoon 400 Typhoon 500
    Length 75 mm 90-95 mm 110-115 mm 140-145 mm
    Max. ∅ of clip-in part 24 mm 45 mm 55 mm 65 mm
    Ext. ∅ of water inlet 15 mm 16 mm 22 mm 25 mm
    ∅ front face 50-55 mm 75-79 mm 101-105 mm 127-130 mm

    Since all jets in one series are compatible with the same socket, you can replace any Typhoon 300 jet (for example) with another jet in the same series, to change the massage type or the look of your spa.

    If you can't find the jet you need, feel free to send us an email (and digital photos, if possible) of the model you are looking for and we will try our best to find you a compatible jet.