Gecko in.yj-3-V3 control system

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Gecko in.yj-3-V3 control system - Click to enlarge
Gecko in.yj-3-V3 control system - Click to enlarge
Gecko in.yj-3-V3 control system - Click to enlarge
Gecko in.yj-3-V3 control system - Click to enlarge
Gecko in.yj-3-V3 control system - Click to enlarge

The Gecko in.yj-3-V3 control system, which succeeds the V2 version, is particularly well adapted to smaller spas. The in.yj-3-V3 still has the same main features as its predecessor, but many more configurations are now available, LED indicators have been added to the board for troubleshooting and the in.mix 300 color system has been integrated on the main board.

in.yj-3-V3 control system connects to a heat.wav.yj heater and has 3 relays to control different components of your spa (hence the 3 at the end of the product name). Bear in mind that a two-speed pump requires 2 relays, so it effectively counts as two components! The most common configurations are:

  • A two-speed pump and a single-speed pump or a blower
  • A circulation pump and a two-speed pump
  • A circulation pump and two single-speed pumps
  • A circulation pump, a single-speed pump and a blower

A circulation pump can be used with three single-speed pumps (or two single-speed pumps and a blower) only if it is a 24-hour type.

Regardless of the chosen configuration, the system also has a 12V DC socket for lighting, a 230V outlet for an ozonator, and an auxiliary 230V outlet that is often used for a music system. In addition to an output for its main keyboard, it has one comunication link for auxiliary keyboard in.k120, in.stik and in.touch2).

Configuring the system is very easy; you just select from a menu of preset options. Please contact us if you need any further information about the configuration.

The box is quite compact, and can even be mounted in "portrait" mode if necessary!

Compatible with the following keyboards
Main: in.k8, in.k35, in.k200, in.k300, in.k336, in.k450, in.k500, in.k600 (the simplified interface only), in.k800, in.k1000, in.k2001
Auxiliary: in.k120

Power supply
The in.yj-3-V3 system is delivered pre-configured for a single-phase power supply. It can also be configured with a dual power supply, so that you can put some spa components on one circuit and some on another, to share the load. If you have additional questions, please refer to the user's manual or contact us when placing your order.

Width: 308 mm
Height: 186 mm
Depth: 96 mm

2-year Tubs warranty

Part numbers
Gecko : 0612-221040, 0612-221040-430


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