Find the right filter cartridge

How to find your hot tub filter

Hot tub filters come in more shapes and sizes than seems possible. We stock all the most common filters, and we are adding new ones all the time.
Below you will find three ways to find your filter: by part number, by spa manufacturer, or by filter dimensions.
Even with all that information, it can occasionally still be hard to find your filter, but don't worry: just send us an email with as much information as you have and we will conduct a personalised search.

1. Search by part number

It seems like it should be simple: if you know your part number, you can find your filter. But it's not, because there are several filter manufacturers making similar products, plus hundreds of spa manufacturers, and they each assign their own part numbers.

We have indexed as many part numbers as we can get our hands on. Enter whatever you have and see what turns up. If you aren't finding anything using the whole number, try entering just part of it, for example, just the first three or last three characters. If you still haven't found your filter after a few tries - then try one of the other methods.
How to find a part number on your hot tub filter

2. Search by spa manufacturer

Knowing the manufacturer of your hot tub can narrow down your filter choices. You may be able to simply recognize your filter if the list is short enough. Use the drop-down box to select your manufacturer. If you see a filter which looks like it is the right shape, double-check against the dimensions listed - plus or minus a few millimeters is normal. If the manufacturer of your spa is not listed, that doesn't mean that we do not have your filter. There are many different spa manufacturers and not all of them are indexed. If that's the case, then try searching by dimensions.
Where to find the name of the manufacturer of your hot tub

3. Search by filter dimensions

This method takes a little more time and effort on your part, but it usually works. First, you will need one of your old filters and a tape measure. We'll wait here while you get them.
Okay, ready? First measure the diameter of the filter. Then measure the length. When you measure the length, ignore any of the bits sticking out of either end of the filter - it's just the body of the filter, not the handles or any screws or anything. You can often find the right filter just with those two measurements. Keep in mind that plus or minus a few millimeters is no big deal.
How to measure the diameter of your hot tub filterHow to measure the length of your hot tub filter
The top of my filter looks like...