Expansion boards

An expansion board allows you to add more components to your control system: pump, blower, etc.

We recommend that you add an additional board only if you're replacing a similar expansion board that has been damaged, or in a specific situation mentioned by the manufacturer. Please refer to the techsheet of your Balboa control system if you have any doubts, or contact us.

Balboa X-B CE expansion board for blower
X-B for blower
In stock
Balboa X-P CE expansion card
X-P for additional pump
In stock
Balboa X-P332 CE 2-relay expansion board
X-P332 2-relay, 3-wire
In stock
Balboa X-P632 CE expansion board
X-P632 2-relay, 6-wire
In stock
Balboa X-03 / 53427 expansion board
X-03 / X-FOW for GS511
In stock
Balboa BP200UX blower expansion card
BP200UX X-B for blower
In stock