Balboa GS100 control system

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Balboa GS100 control system - Click to enlarge
Balboa GS100 control system - Click to enlarge
Balboa GS100 control system - Click to enlarge

The GS100 control system is a little different from Balboa's GS, GL and BP control boxes because it is sold without an integrated heater, available separately in 2 kW or 3 kW versions.

This box is capable of handling the following elements:

  • One pump, which can be single-speed or two-speed
  • Ozonator (230V)
  • Underwater lighting
  • One 1,5" ou 2" GS100 heater (2 kW or 3 kW)

The system is pre-configured for a 3 kW heater. Simply position jumper J11 on a single pin for a 2 kW heater, or contact us.

This control box is equipped with M7 technology, which uses temperature sensors at the inlet and outlet of the heater to measure water flow, making it much more reliable than systems equipped with a pressure switch or conventional flow sensor.

Compatible with the following keyboards
VL200, VL240, VL260, VL401, VL402, VL403, VL404.

You can use only the VX10 auxiliary keyboard by removing the main keyboard and moving A2 dip switch to the OFF position. The VX10 keyboard will then only control the pump. This configuration can be very convenient if you want to prevent spa users from changing the temperature setting, or other parameters.

Height: 190 mm (with cable gland and mounting brackets). 137 mm (housing only).
Width: 200 mm
Depth: 60 mm

2-year Tubs Parts warranty

Balboa part numbers
Control system alone : 54806 , 54807
Control system + 3kW heater : 56300
Control system + 2kW heater : 56461

Other part numbers
Dreammaker : RS101
Wellis : ACM0598
Volition : 1SG


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