Balboa temperature sensors

Find here all the sensors and spare parts compatible with your Balboa heater.

The brand uses its M7 technology on all heaters designed for GS, GL and BP boxes: two equal sensors are mounted at the opposite ends of the element to determine temperature, flow rate, dry running cases, etc. These two sensors replace failure-prone mechanical pressure/flow switch and act simultaneously as temperature and Hi-Limit sensors and compare the temperature of the incoming water with that of the outgoing water. This technology works regardless of the direction of water flow in the heater.

Older control systems with pressure switches use conventional temperature and Hi-Limit sensors.
Balboa M7 temperature sensor
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Balboa M7 temperature sensor for remote heaters
M7 for remote heaters
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Balboa M7 surface-mount temperature sensor
M7 surface-mount
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Balboa Value / LE temperature sensor
Value / LE temperature sensor
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Balboa temperature sensor 30920
Temperature (old version)
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Balboa Hi-Limit sensor
Balboa Hi-Limit
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Balboa 3/8" sensor mount
Balboa 3/8" sensor mount
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Balboa M7 sensor mounting kit
M7 mounting kit
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