Amplified Bluetooth Receivers

Here you will find a selection of receivers, transformers and amplifiers most commonly used by spa manufacturers and specifically designed for use in a wet environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the part you need!

Gecko 2 audio module 2 audio module
In stock
Joyonway Bluetooth audio amplifier
In stock
Balboa Bluetooth Audio bba2 amplifier
Balboa bba2
In stock
Poly Planar ME60BT Bluetooth amplifier with keypad
Poly Planar ME60BT
In stock
Aquatic AV BlueCube Basic Bluetooth amplifier
Aquatic AV BlueCube Basic
In stock
Aquatic AV waterproof power supply
Aquatic AV power supply
In stock
Melinna SPA-POWER9 waterproof power supply
SPA-POWER9 power supply
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