Air controls

Air buttons and air switches are a simple way to manage the spa's equipment (pump, blower, lighting, etc.) without electricity, and can therefore be installed close to the pool.

This was standard technology before the introduction of electronic controls (which can be installed next to the pool because they operate at low voltage), but air buttons and air switches are still popular today because they are very easy to use and ideal if you only want to control a few elements in your spa, or simply do not have enough space to install a complete control system.

This system also allows for less distance between the water and the electrical parts of your hot tub, and can replace a control panel.

We sell a selection of spare parts that allow you to switch on or off your pneumatically operated devices (e. g. massage pump, blower or lighting): switches, air hoses and air buttons.

Below is an example of a pneumatic control system with a blower or a pump.

Air controls