Pentair Rainbow Dynamic Series II & III filters

The Pentair Top-Load filter has a built-in spring-loaded by-pass which allows 100% filtration of the water on low speed of two speed pumps. During high speed operation, the spring opens, permitting unrestricted flow and maximum hydrotherapy action.

Installation : The filter must be installed on the pressure side of the filtration pump with flow arrow on bottom manifold pointing in direction of water flow.

Below you will see an exploded view of the Pentair Rainbow cartridge filters: the RTL Dynamic II Series and the RCF Dynamic III Series (with an integrated bromine dispenser), to make the search for its components easier. The numbered parts correspond to the parts listed below.

Pentair Rainbow Top-Load air bleed valve
2. Air bleed valve
In stock
Pentair Rainbow Top-Load gasket air bleed valve
3. Bleed valve gasket
Lead time uncertain
Pentair Rainbow Top-Load filter spacer gasket
4. Spacer gasket
In stock
Filter lid o-ring
5. Filter lid o-ring
In stock
Pentair Rainbow Top-Load filter lid
6. Filter lid
In stock
PRB25-IN filter
8a. PRB25-IN
2 weeks
PRB50-IN filter
8b. PRB50-IN
In stock
PRB75 filter
8c. PRB75
Lead time uncertain
Pentair Rainbow RCF/RTL spring clip
9. Spring clip
In stock
Pentair Rainbow RTL-50 Dynamic II filter + PRB50
RTL-50 Dynamic II
Lead time uncertain
Pentair Rainbow RTL-75 Dynamic II filter + PRB75
RTL-75 Dynamic II
3 weeks
Pentair Rainbow RCF-25 Dynamic III filter + PRB25
RCF-25 Dynamic III
Lead time uncertain