LX Whirlpool PW900-V2 900W heated blower, reconditioned

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LX Whirlpool PW900-V2 900W heated blower, reconditioned - Click to enlarge

The LX Whirlpool APW900-V2 is a 900W blower with a 180W air heater. It can be used as replacement for various sizes of pool, ranging from bathtubs to spas and swim spas.

This blower has not been used very long. The previous customer quickly realised that he needed a more powerful blower. It is in excellent working order.

It connects to 1-inch (33 mm) pipe, and comes with a 150 cm cable.

Technical data
Power : 900+180W
Voltage : 220-240V
Amps : 4.5A
Air volume : 5m³/min
Jets Qty (pc) : 20-40
Noise level : <85dB

Length: 352 mm
Height: 165 mm
Width: 175 mm
Centre distance between fixing points: 145 mm
Thread diameter: 62 mm (type 2 inches MBT)

The blower comes with a union for 1-inch (33 mm) pipe.
You do not need to glue the pipe to the blower. You can simply plug it in, or add a screw to hold it in place if necessary.

Cable and plug
The blower is supplied pre-cabled with an AMP plug. An adapter is required for a Mini J&J connection.

6 months Tubs Parts warranty

Part numbers
LX Whirlpool : APW900-V2
Volition : 9WPA, 4WPA.
The "-V2" means that these models contain the new version of the motor. They are perfectly compatible with older models, without "-V2".