Balboa M7 temperature sensor

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Balboa M7 temperature sensor - Click to enlarge
Balboa M7 temperature sensor - Click to enlarge
Balboa M7 temperature sensor - Click to enlarge

Temperature sensor for Balboa M7 heaters. The M7 system uses two identical sensors placed at either end of the heater. The sensors have two-pin plugs which connect to sockets on the motherboard of the hot tub control system.

Two versions of this sensor are used in control systems with integrated heaters: the 36 cm version (shown in the photo) is generally found in control systems housed in plastic boxes, while the 60 cm version is more commonly found in metal-boxed systems.

Note that Balboa has recently lengthened the cable of the smallest version of its probes from 30 cm (12") to 36 cm (14").

A third version, with a 90 cm cable, is used in systems where the heater is separate from the control box.

Sensor diameter: 6.3 mm (1/4")
Plug: a 2-pin connector with a black wire and a red wire

Balboa part numbers
14" (36 cm): 53605, formerly 30344
24" (60 cm): 32016, formerly 30382
36" (90 cm): 25283
HydroQuip 60 cm : 34-0202A-K
Volition 30 cm : 230
Volition 60 cm : 231
Sunrise Spas : WTY50280

Balboa M7 sensor mounting kit

Balboa M7 sensor mounting kit

The M7 sensor is delivered with a replacement o-ring and tightening nut to fix to the heater. If you need ONLY these parts, and not the sensor itself, you will find them here.more information...
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